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Scalable, Modularised, Industry-Leading Class-room based LMS (Learner Management Solution)


Our complete E-Learning solution. Feature Packed and full-house with all the features you will require to ensure engaging learning material and featuring an award winning learner-centric interface for ease of navigation and optimal learning experience.


M-Lurn is a mobile learning application where psychology and technology meets employee and managerIt combines mobile and e-learning in a fun and applied way, making learning engaging, enjoyable, interesting, interactive and ultimately driving employee motivation and engagement.


The facilitated training approach, just online. Saving you time, saving you money and reducing your risk. Our world-class Virtual Platform is focused on a training approach, whilst still being fully integrated into our suite of products, thus allows for proper attendance keeping and reporting.


Effective Performance Management has never been this easy, yet fully featured and scalable allowing for multiple location, multiple company and normalization of measurements.


Game based learning aids the learning process, and the impact of game elements [point allocation, badges, leader boards, levels, challenges, virtual goods, score boards] stimulates the cognitive domain of employees, to enhance the experience and joy during the learning process.The feeling of winning challenges and tasks, receiving immediate and positive feedback, awards and points, releases dopamine which helps with increased memory retention.

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We build more than just Quality Systems. We build Engaged, Motivated, Properly Trained Employees for the benefit of both, you and your Clients.

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