M-Lurn is a mobile application where psychology and technology meets employee and employer.

Mobile and e-learning is combined in a fun and applied way.

Learning becomes engaging, enjoyable, interesting and interactive.

A positive spin-off is increased employee motivation and engagement.

Blended user friendly technology and design in the form of videos, animations and case studies are aligned to real life application of workplace scenarios.

To stimulate the cognitive domain and enhance the experience and fun during the learning process and activities, game elements such as leader boards, badges, points, progress bars, challenges, score boards and virtual goods are added to the equation.

Winning challenges and tasks whilst receiving immediate and positive feedback and encouragement stimulate the release of dopamine.

This positively effects memory retention.

Employees are stimulated and encouraged through game based activities.

This paves the way for voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge creating an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

Employees learn not because they have to, but because they love and enjoy it.

Such an environment will positively influence employee engagement, motivation and resulting in increased productivity.

Competition is stimulated between peers and others resulting in healthy inter and intra departmental improvement of team dynamics.

M-Lurn’s mobile functionality allows employees to immerse themselves in learning whenever and wherever they are – on and off-line.

Learning is no longer restricted to the training room.

The gamification functionality, based on Maslow’s theory of motivation, embraces employees’ core needs ensuring maximum engagement.

Detailed and tailor made reports received on an ongoing basis ensure performance assessment becomes continuous.

Non-performing employees are timeously identified.

Additional support and assistance can be provided ensuring satisfactory progress.

The communication functionality allows employers to easily and effectively communicate to employees.

M-Lurn is secure – password, fingerprint or facial recognition.

Training content is viewable in either horizontal or vertical format on mobile, tablet, lap- or desktop.

The advanced algorithm allows for:

Unlimited depth and difficulty of question banks;

Automated randomisation of questions and answers, and

Allocations of higher points based on difficulty level of questions.

Quizzes are relevant and meaningful.

Employees are allowed to practice and reinforce learning outcomes and best practice.

Each level has focussed goals and outputs enhancing the practical application of newly acquired knowledge and skills.

M-Lurn’s world class technology is strategically integrated with the client’s existing business processes and information systems.

This promotes positive employee and organisational outcomes and achievement on individual, departmental, divisional and overall company deliverables.

“Gamification – How can you get your company in the game?”

“Gamify Today, Lead Tomorrow”

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